about me

Jay Santilli, a versatile singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, has taken a diverse musical journey. Her early years were marked by an exploration of various genres, with pop/punk being her initial focus. However, as she matured as an artist, she found her true calling in the country music scene, where she has firmly established herself.

One of the pivotal moments in Jay's career occurred in 2012 when she emerged as the winner of the 'Maton Talent Search' at Gympie, a prestigious recognition that underlined her talent and dedication. Over the years, she has been a consistent presence in the festival circuit, delighting audiences with her captivating performances.

Jay's musical journey has also featured support slots with remarkable talents like Fatai, andrew swift, Morgan Evans, and Jasmine Rae. These experiences have enriched her artistry and broadened her musical horizons.

While juggling her music career, Jay embraced the joys of family life with the arrival of her young children. This period allowed her to refocus and find new sources of inspiration for her songwriting. Now, with her family by her side, she is making a triumphant return to the stage, driven by her unwavering commitment to infuse her music with raw emotion and heartfelt passion.

Jay Santilli is excited to invite you on the next leg of her musical journey. With her signature blend of emotion and passion, she's ready to capture hearts once again, sharing her stories through the medium she knows best - music.